EU Referendum – My two pennies’ (0.03 euros) worth

European FlagI guess like many I have been unable to make up my mind with regards which is the best option, leaving or staying in the EU, I really see both sides to this.

Truly the debate unveiled the worst in us. On the remain side appealing to our individual greed with fears of short-term economic pain. On the leave side the ugly topic of immigration and borders seem to be the biggest issue in the referendum.

I didn’t enter the process with any strong feelings, and I’ve only managed to develop an opinion very recently when I stood back and forgot what I was feeling right now, where my emotions were taking me each day with the issues being debated, and started to think in terms of the kind of world I’d like my children and grandchildren to live in.

As I see it, there will always be wars so long as there are borders, they are the only common feature in all conflicts. And so as truly awful as the EU is right now, if it means there will eventually be less borders in the world, well I suppose being part of it is the right choice, not for me, but more for my children and their children, as there is less chance of them ever being involved in a war if we are in the EU. Its hard to see now but I’m guessing in centuries to come they will look back at national borders and individual ‘national interests’ as a very tribal concept, a device used in the main to protect the interest of an elite in each economic area, and view them as quite a primitive chapter in our history.

Anyway there’s my two pennies’ (0.03 euros) worth. Now I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m really looking forward to tomorrow when the British get back to talking about the weather!

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