A poem for baby Ellie

Ellie's Foot PrintsThe following is short poem that I wrote for our baby Ellie one sleepless night in the week which followed her passing away. Those who know me well will probably consider me an unlikely poet, but I couldn’t find anything that expressed the right sentiment to be read at her funeral which took place yesterday, and so I put pen to paper myself.

So its from the heart, from us to her, and I thought I’d share it with all those who over the last few months also invested their hearts too, and remembered Ellie in their thoughts and prayers as she fought on. Both Faye and I have been so incredibly touched by all your words of support, thank you so much.

For Ellie…

In the night,
Where dream-winds blow,
We’ll find you there,
Where angels go.

We’ll love you there,
And forever will,
Our broken hearts,
You’ll always fill.

You touched our lives,
A treasure we’ll keep,
But its not goodbye,
Just time to sleep.

Sweet dreams our angel,
Now you sleep tight,
Mummy and Daddy,
Must say goodnight.